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Sexual Assault within University Communities


Factsheet for Journalists

Factsheet for Student Representatives

Factsheet for Victim-Survivors

Full Stop Foundation Ambassador Nina Funnell is a prominent anti-violence campaigner and journalist who has previously taught and guest lectured in the media department at the University of Sydney. She is also a sexual assault survivor. In 2007, Nina was attacked and held at knifepoint by a man who bashed, strangled and almost raped her before she managed to escape. She reported the incident to the police and then broke her story to the media in an attempt to reclaim control of the situation.

Since then Nina has written numerous articles for the media about violence against women and has become a public spokesperson for survivors of assault. Working with the Full Stop Foundation and the Hunting Ground, Nina has been able to harness her experiences as both a journalist and a survivor to produce these factsheets aimed at equipping students and journalists with the skills to discuss sexual assault within university comunities in a respectful and supportive manner, and encourage more thoughtful and sensitive reporting.

"I've been on both sides of the camera. I know firsthand that when media report in a way that is sensitive and ethical it can be empowering and cathartic for survivors. But when media do not fully understand the concerns of survivors they risk exacerbating their trauma."

"It's important that survivor stories are heard in the public domain, as their stories and courage will drive change," said Ms Funnell, who has been listed as a Walkley award finalist for her reporting on sexual assault within university communities.

"These factsheets are intended to demystify the media process for survivors while arming journalists with practical tips and strategies to equip them to work more constructively with the survivor community."

The Full Stop Foundation delivers the Sex, Safety & Respect training program to universities to address sexual violence in university communities.