Stopping sexual assault and domestic violence - Full Stop.

The Ethical Workplace: Leadership in Action

Guiding leaders to develop solutions to create or maintain workplace culture that is intolerant of sexual harassment and assault, domestic and family violence, and homophobia.


Knowledge gained:

  • Increased understanding of gendered violence, gender inequality and the misuse of power
  • Familiarity with the drivers of sexual assault and domestic violence, and primary prevention methods
  • Critical reading of organisations’ documents and policies
  • How to drive and foster cultural change in the workplace

Audience: Leaders seeking to ensure their organisational culture supports those impacted by domestic and family violence, and actively opposes gendered violence. Maximum of 20 participants.


Duration: 2 days

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"By partnering with Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia we have been able to give our managers an acute understanding of the role they play in not only promoting this culture of respect, but also support them in recognising signs and having meaningful conversations to support those victims and survivors of domestic and family violence. The impact of this training has been profound.  It extends beyond the workplace with many attendees quoting the role the training has played in increasing their confidence to support colleagues and direct reports within REA but also friends and family in their personal lives. It has started a conversation that was previously in the shadows for many. A conversation that needed to be had in order to create a culture of change."

- REA Group