Stopping sexual assault and domestic violence - Full Stop.

Sex, Safety & Respect: Student Training

Understanding sexual consent and prevention sexual violence in universities

This 3-hour workshop is designed for student leaders within housing and other key positions to influence the behaviour of their peers and campus culture. The workshop introduces students to:

Knowledge gained:

  • key concepts concerning sexual violence and primary prevention in the Australian context
  • the Sex & Ethics Framework for ethical consent developed by Moira Carmody
  • legal context of sexual assault, sexual harassment and the use of digital media
  • ethical negotiation and communication of consent
  • ethical use of digital media
  • skills in being an ethical bystander

Duration: 3 hours and 15 minutes

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"I really enjoyed today and thought the presentation was terrific! I really do think more people (especially highschool) should learn and hear you guys!"


"As a student leader, I am now aware of what to do and what not to do when I see someone in trouble. The framework is helpful."


"This was really helpful for me as I am an International Student, and I was not aware of my rights as an International Person and I can help the people who are not from here."

"I really enjoyed learning in a fun way - it was very interesting and engaging."

"Thank you. I grew up in Dubai and we did not learn specifics of law (especially Australian!). Very helpful and informative."

"I found this program to be well structured, engaging, and interesting, and helpful."