Stopping sexual assault and domestic violence - Full Stop.

Sex, Safety & Respect: Staff Training

1. Ethical leadership to prevent sexual violence in universities 

This 4-hour workshop is for university staff working in student housing, senior academic staff, and academic and professional staff from other key departments in the university.

Knowledge gained:

  • an overview of the latest best practice violence prevention research
  • leadership skills around creating zero tolerance of sexual and other forms of gendered violence in universities
  • participation in several activities from the Sex, Safety and Respect Training Program for students

Duration: 4 hours

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2. Sex, Safety & Respect: Educators' Train the Trainer 

The comprehensive training program of 28 hours is designed to prepare university staff to become skilled educators in providing short training workshops with student leaders. It requires attendance at face-to-face workshops over a 4-day block or two 2-day blocks. It can be tailored specifically to the needs of an individual university or can involve staff from multiple universities.

The program content is based on an adaptation of the highly successful Sex & Ethics Program which has been run across Australia and New Zealand since 2007. It has been tailored to address the particular-needs of university students from diverse cultures and other backgrounds, and to address sexual consent and relationships. Educators participate in all activities of the Sex & Ethics Program to understand their own ethical stance and the skills they need to effectively deliver the program to diverse students.

Content includes:

  • Diverse views about sexuality and gender including culture and faith
  • The Sex & Ethics Framework for decision making
  • Understanding other people's desires and needs - skills in verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Skills in ethical consent in casual and ongoing relationships
  • Ethical use of social media
  • Competing desires in relationships
  • Standing up against sexual violence as an ethical bystander

In addition, educators are provided with in the moment training tips and opportunities to practice delivery skills. On completion of the program staff may be able to deliver the 3-hour Understanding sexual consent & preventing sexual violence in universities program for student leaders. Staff who are accepted for program delivery will participate in the program's Quality Assurance Plan and will be licensed to offer the program for two years.

Quality Assurance Plan: Successful completion of the training program requires ongoing Quality Assurance provided by Full Stop Foundation. Initial Quality Assurance takes place on the third instance of delivery, with follow up at the 12 and 24-month mark. 

Licensing: A two-year licensing fee is included in the cost of delivering the 4-day educator training.

Audience: Educators and staff from student housing and support services such as counselling, equity and diversity, student services and other key support staff nominated by university and housing providers. All attendees must have:            (i) facilitation skills and (ii) a gendered understanding of sexual violence.

Duration: 28 hours

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