Stopping sexual assault and domestic violence - Full Stop.

Good Night Out

Full Stop Foundation is proud to partner with Good Night Out Campaign to prevent and respond to sexual violence in all licensed venues.

Good Night Out Campaign began in 2014 as a grassroots response to sexual violence, with a focus on nightlife communities. We believe that nights out should be about fun, not fear.

We deliver an accreditation programme to licensed premises, which supports those who work in or run venues, pubs, bars, clubs and festivals to better understand, respond to and ultimately prevent sexual harassment and assault in their spaces. 

Training and accreditation

Our accreditation is a simple, three step process to help you transform how a venue, pub, bar, club or music festival responds to sexual harassment and assault. Official accreditation lasts for one year, but you’re welcome to use our content for as long as it is useful to you! We encourage venues to undertake refresher training once a year.

Step 1: Venue Agreement and Policy

First, we look at what you are already doing, and provide a best practice policy document for your premises which includes in-depth information about legal aspects and licensing which you can adapt to your venue’s needs. The Premises Manager signs a Venue Agreement with a series of action points.

Step 2: Training

Our core 2 hour training session is entitled “Understanding and Responding to Sexual Harassment and Assault in Licensed Premises” and covers a range of key topics in a sensitive yet interactive way, for up to 20 participants in one sitting.

This is an interactive and accessible workshop delivered by sensitive but dynamic facilitators! The session is evaluated so we can share our outcomes with you and builds a team-wide understanding of what GNO policy and procedure means for each member of staff’s job description.

Themes addressed include:

  • What do we mean by sexual harassment and assault?
  • What’s the best ‘whole-of-team’ approach to handling sexual violence in a licensed space?
  • Racism, homophobia and sexual harassment
  • What are the barriers to reporting an incident to a member of staff and how do we remove or reduce those barriers?
  • How can we help create an environment that doesn’t tolerate harassment?
  • De-escalation techniques and responding carefully to shock and trauma

Step 3: Communicating

We provide our full colour globally-recognised posters and a signed certificate for behind the bar, all of which help communicate a clear message that encourages reporting, lets customers know your staff are trained appropriately, and can be co-branded with your logos.

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