Stopping sexual assault and domestic violence - Full Stop.

Training Programs

Sexual assault and domestic violence is a national crisis affecting    1 in 4 women and 1 in 18 men.

How can you stop the crisis?

Workplaces and tertiary institutions can take a leading role in addressing this violence through a range of primary and tertiary measures:

  • Simple but effective policies regarding sexual assault, sexual harassment and domestic violence
  • Appropriate training programs for all staff, including leadership and executive teams

​How can we help?

The Full Stop Foundation supports organisations and guides leaders through the process of cultural change, development and implementation of best practice policies, and evidence-based training programs.

Programs are trauma-informed, under-pinned by adult-learning principles and developed in consultation with your organisation. They are delivered by a team of experienced educators and trauma specialists.

Find out more about our programs:

The Ethical Workplace

Leaders in the workplace play a critical part in promoting gender equality, and appropriate policies and practices can ensure that those experiencing violence have a safe space to work and access supports.

Sex, Safety & Respect

This is a suite of sexual assault prevention programs specifically designed for the university environment.

Sex & Ethics for Young People

This program creates environments where young people can explore ideas about sex and ethical consent.

Good Night Out

Good Night Out Campaign began as a grassroots response to sexual violence, with a focus on nightlife communities. We believe that nights out should be about fun, not fear.