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Our Ambassadors

The Full Stop Foundation is proud to work with our Ambassadors who are all committed to supporting our vision of a society in which sexual assault and domestic violence no longer exist. 


Adair Donaldson, Founder and Director of Donaldson Law

"I am very honoured to play a part in assisting the Full Stop Foundation in raising awareness of violence against women and helping to reduce the rates of sexual assault and domestic violence in Australia.

I have been fortunate to work in partnership with the team at Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia over the last 7 years and I am very proud to be able to advocate on their behalf."



  Alan Tongue, ACT Australian of the Year 2017 and one of the great former Canberra Raiders rugby league players.

Alan combines compassion and excellent leadership skills as an Ambassador for the NRL’s Voice against Violence program. Alan shares our passion to raise awareness and understands the importance of inspiring and engaging young people and works consistently to change the culture of family and domestic violence with his outstanding mentoring and education programs.

Commissioner Scipione Photo         Commissioner Andrew Scipione APM, Former Commissioner of the NSW Police Force

“The focus of the Full Stop Foundation is on prevention and engaging with individuals, foundations, business and community leaders to drive meaningful change to achieve a vision of a society in which sexual assault and domestic violence no longer exist.

I fully support those aims and I am proud to be a Full Stop Ambassador” .


Catharine Lumby Photo   Catharine Lumby, Professor of Media - Macquarie University, gender issues advisor, media commentator on gender equality and sexual violence prevention, author and journalist

“As someone who has worked for many years researching these issues I am proud to be associated with an organisation that is at the forefront of best practice approaches to counselling and prevention. In Karen Willis, the Executive Officer of Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia, we have an outstanding and experienced advocate of change in an area where so much remains to be done.”


Dixie Link Gordon is an advocate against domestic violence and sexual assault who leads with compassion and has worked across many women’s services including Mudgin-Gal Aboriginal Women’s Centre and Women’s Legal Service NSW. 

“I am so delighted be an Ambassador for the Full Stop Foundation and continue to support “Hey Sis” which I co - founded with Ashlee Donohue & Karen Willis, Executive Officer of Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia. This is a support program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. These women have been the backbone of a system supporting communities in dealing with situations of abuse such as rape, incest and other forms of sexual abuse, as well as domestic and family violence. We need to empower these women so they are able to continue standing up against sexual violence in their communities. With support and funding from the Full Stop Foundation, we can give them the tools to work within their communities to stop sexual assault from happening.”



Drisana Levitzke-Gray – Motivational Speaker. Auslan and Accessibility Consultant. Advocate and Columnist.

Spending her time inspiring and encouraging the wider community to accept diversity, Drisana promotes the Deaf community as one without borders and one of rich language. Recognising that women with disabilities are 40% more likely  to be the victims of domestic violence than women without disabilities, Drisana supports the Full Stop Foundation to continue to provide accessible and appropriate counselling support for those who have experienced or who are at risk of sexual assault, family or domestic violence and their non offending supporters.


Mary Konstantopoulos, Founder of Ladies Who League

"Violence against women and children is completely unacceptable in any context. Unfortunately we still live in a world where gendered violence is still a problem our society is dealing with.

As a person who is passionate about gender equality and who truly believes in the importance of respect, I am so proud to work with an organisation like the Full Stop Foundation which has such a vital role in raising awareness about violence against women, and educating and supporting our communities until sexual assault and domestic violence are completely eradicated.

We all have a role to play and I stand with the Full Stop Foundation to help create a more equal and tolerant world."

  NSW Police Force Commissioner Michael Fuller APM

Commissioner Fuller has taken a leading role within the NSW Police Force on the issue of domestic and family violence. In 2014 Commissioner Fuller was appointed as the Corporate Spokesperson for Family and Domestic Violence, and he successfully introduced measures to hold perpetrators accountable and initiatives to increase public awareness like the ‘No Innocent Bystander’ campaign.

Now as Commissioner of Police, Commissioner Fuller is committed to continuing this work to address domestic violence in NSW.

"Perpetrators of domestic and family violence are criminals and in recent years NSW Police has changed its commitment towards perpetrator accountability.

There has been a cultural shift where this crime is no longer accepted as a private matter, but one that everyone has a responsibility to report." 

Nina Funnell, author, Our Watch Walkley award-winning journalist and advocate against violence against women.

“As a community, we all have an obligation to come together to put a full stop to sexual assault and domestic violence. Having spent many years speaking out and reporting on these issues, it is a tremendous privilege to be invited to be an ambassador to the Full Stop Foundation. 

The Full Stop Foundation does vital work in funding research and prevention efforts which stop the violence at its source, while also providing support to those whose lives have been impacted by sexual assault and domestic violence. If we are serious about addressing this issue and supporting survivors, then we must stand united in declaring that such violence is absolutely unacceptable.” 

Paul Kent Photo
  Paul Kent is an Australian sports journalist, author, presenter and producer, who is considered a leading authority on rugby league in this country.

“I am proud to accept a role as an Ambassador for the Full Stop Foundation and, in doing so, hopes to raise awareness about issues such as rape and domestic violence amongst Australia’s sporting communities”.  

    Tracey Spicer  is a journalist, TV news anchor, radio broadcaster, opinion columnist and trainer.

"I support the Full Stop Foundation because of its multi-faceted approach to the problem of domestic violence. I also endorse supporting the "Hey Sis" program, to assist Indigenous women who are already taking a stand. The Men's Behaviour Change program is crucial, as we need to work with the perpetrators as well as those living with violence."