Stopping sexual assault and domestic violence - Full Stop.


The Full Stop Foundation has released a new video to shine light on financial and emotional domestic abuse.


Sexual assault and domestic violence are by any measure the most common crimes committed in Australia. The time for discussion is over. It’s time to act.

  • Intimate partner violence is the leading contributor to death, disability and ill-health in Australian women aged 15-44.1
  • One in three women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence perpetrated by someone known to them.2
  • 52 women were killed by violence in Australia in 2017. 3

The Full Stop Foundation is about stopping sexual assault and domestic violence – Full Stop.

The purpose of the Full Stop Foundation is to support and resource the work of Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia.The Full Stop Foundation works to expand trauma counselling services for those who have experienced sexual assault and domestic violence, and to change the attitudes and behaviours that allow violence against women and children to occur.

Our focus is on prevention and engaging with individuals, foundations, business and community leaders to drive meaningful change. Together we can create effective strategies that will build a better society as well as a better future for us all. 


1 The health costs of Violence  Vic Health 2004 2 Australian Bureau of Statistics, Personal Safety Survey 2012  3 Counting Dead Women 2017