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Domestic violence is a national crisis, and many Australians affected by domestic abuse are part of a workplace.

Australian businesses can take a leading role in addressing gender-based violence by executing a robust response that is supported by organisational policy, driven by corporate leaders, and executed appropriately.

The Full Stop Foundation can help businesses respond appropriately and guide leaders and staff in the process of cultural change with a set of evidence-based training programs that are developed in consultation with businesses and delivered by experienced educators and trauma specialists.

The three key programs which directly relate to the Male Champions of Change Model Guide to Workplace Action’ are:

Each education and training program can be tailored to suit workplace needs.

The Full Stop Foundation can also assist with policy development or review to guide workplace responses to gender based violence. 

Education and training provided by the Full Stop Foundation incorporates established and innovated adult learning principles, including information provision, experiential learning, skills development and reflection.

Learn more about the vital role workplaces can play in addressing domestic violence, from this interview with Karen Willis, Executive Officer of Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia.

Ethical Leadership

Training in Ethical Leadership guides leaders to develop solutions to create or maintain workplace culture that is intolerant of sexual harassment and assault, domestic violence and homophobia.

Sex & Ethics

Sex & Ethics is an experiential and skills development cultural change program that features the Ethical Decision Making Framework.

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Sex, Safety & Respect

Full Stop Foundation has worked with Professor Moira Carmody to develop a range of educational resources and training for university staff and students, with the support of The Hunting Ground Australia Project. 

Workplace Responses to Gender Based Violence

Training in Workplace Responses to Gender Based Violence includes factual information about sexual assault and domestic violence, how a person may react if they are experiencing this violence, and what to say and do to support them towards recovery.