Stopping sexual assault and domestic violence - Full Stop.

Supporting Aboriginal Women

"Hey Sis, We've Got Your Back"

Sexual assault is a significant issue across all communities; however Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women experience sexual assault at significantly higher rates than non Aboriginal women.


“Hey Sis” seeks to support and resource Aboriginal women who are doing what they can to reduce sexual assault in their communities. At “Hey Sis” meetings Aboriginal women engage in constructive yarning about sexual assault. They support each other, engage with service providers, learn about managing vicarious trauma, and engage in professional development.


“Hey Sis” empowers women to become agents of social change, a model that works the world over. It is Aboriginal communities led by Aboriginal women who will make their communities safe places for Aboriginal women and children.


Over 150 Aboriginal women have joined the “Hey Sis” network. They are committed to supporting those who have experienced sexual assault and to reducing sexual violence in their communities.


“Hey Sis” requires ongoing funding to continue the constructive yarning, professional development, networking and support for Aboriginal women who are working to reduce the rates of sexual assault against women and children

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