Stopping sexual assault and domestic violence - Full Stop.


Sexual assault and domestic violence are by any measure the most common crimes committed in Australia. There are enormous personal, social and productivity costs associated with every life shattered by rape or domestic violence.

There needs to be more than just awareness that the crimes exist, there needs to be determination, by women and men to work together, to break the cycles of abuse that have impacts far too many over the generations. This means working with:

  •   those who have suffered sexual assault and domestic violence toward their recovery
  • offenders and those at risk of offending to affect real change in their behaviours, and
  •  business and organisations in the development of meaningful and ethical strategies and practices to change the cultural norms in which violence against women exists.

The Full Stop Foundation is an initiative of Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia. The Full Stop Foundation supports the organisation’s ongoing work to reduce and eventually eliminate sexual assault and domestic violence in Australia.

For over forty years Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia (formerly NSW Rape Crisis Centre) has been committed to working to stop sexual assault and domestic violence. The organisation provides specialist rape and domestic violence counselling services nationally. Last year alone, we helped over 22,000 people who experienced sexual assault, domestic or family violence and our telephone, online and face to face counselling provided assistance on over 56,000 occasions to women, men and children.

 Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia has pioneered programs to stop sexual assault and domestic violence in metropolitan and regional areas, for national organisations and in remote indigenous communities. The organisation is a leading authority on domestic violence and sexual assault.

 The Full Stop Foundation will lead the prevention of sexual assault and domestic violence in Australia by building upon Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia’s experience and expertise and funding innovative solutions that are based on evidence and the latest research from Australia and overseas.

 The Full Stop Foundation will provide real support in rebuilding people’s lives by resourcing the counselling services of Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia

 Full Stop Foundation programs are all designed to reduce the pain and suffering caused by domestic violence and sexual assault and to assist each person, often hundreds per day, toward recovery. 

 Among the immediate Full Stop Foundation funding goals are:

  •  Answer every call for help - Extend existing counselling services - via the 1800 RESPECT service and community-based face to face counselling services.
  •  Support women who are already taking a stand against violence - “Hey Sis”, the Aboriginal Women’s Sexual Assault Network
  •  Change violent behaviours - Men’s Behaviour Change program

 The Full Stop Foundation is about stopping sexual assault and domestic violence – Full Stop